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Owned P&L on a $400M+ brand and built a 5-year innovation strategy to deliver $150M

Led growth of Downy Unstopables to be the fastest growing brand by its second year out of all CPG brands since 2003 with a 344 $ IYA in sales

Started a company that achieved profitability within the first year, established multiple B2B contracts, with hundreds of members, staff of 18 and growing

Created an innovation strategy that grew the business more than it had in the previous 4 years

11 years of progressive experience on over eight brands at Procter & Gamble

Thanks for visiting my website. As you scroll down you will see a sample of my work in marketing, website and product design. This gives an overview of what I accomplished in my 11 years of progressive experience at Procter and Gamble and two years as Co-founder of ManUP Health (www.manuphealth.com). Please contact me via email (majid@majidb.com) or phone (513-658-3507) with any questions, or to learn more about my approach to innovation and marketing. Enjoy!

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